3D Metal Printing

Make Big Parts in Less Time with our 3D Metal Printing Solution

Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions gives your business a big advantage over castings, forgings and other traditional manufacturing processes with delivery of new and replacement parts and tooling.

With the largest 3D metal printing capacity, we can expedite production for large industrial parts for your application and industry.

3d Metal Printing
Additive Manufacturing

Physical Considerations:

We can 3D print a variety of industrial metals including combinations of materials.

Open new possibilities: Large format metal additive parts are measured in feet or meters, not mere inches.

Tackle part geometries and features that are challenging or not possible for traditional casting or machining

Your Complete Finished Part Provider

Save time, reduce direct and indirect costs and operate with greater efficiency compared to traditional manufacturing operations.

Metal additive solutions have been limited to smaller-sized parts using metal powders. While fast, customers have had to compromise on size, material waste and porosity limitations. Wire-based metal additive technology eliminates those trade-offs and delivers advantages over traditional manufacturing processes.

Cut Lead Time from Months to Weeks

Request for the Whitepaper on Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.

In this report, we explain how technological advances in wire arc additive manufacturing are providing various industries with opportunities to speed up large-format metal prototyping and legacy part production at a high level of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

3D Metal Printing