At Lincoln Electric we have many dimensions, but we are your single source. At every step in our evolution, we’ve focused on building a portfolio of expertise that encompasses every welding and cutting application within the fabrication and industrial manufacturing universe. Every segment of Lincoln Electric’s overall business is directly aimed at providing solutions to the challenges you face every day. After all, welding and cutting is about much more than just material joining or separation. It’s about material handling, robotics and automation, regulatory compliance, part quality and a host of other concerns. We’re the one source and the one partner you’ll ever need to address it all.

Our state-of-the-art Application Centre in Padstow Sydney is available for training, advice, testing and is the first fully equiped purpose-built facility in the country dedicated to showcasing the latest welding and automation technology from around the world. Take advantage of our world class lab and testing facilities with highly trained and experienced technologists, engineers and applications personnel. They are available to troubleshoot customer problems in the field – but also develop new solutions based on whatever customer challenges we encounter. In the end, this industry-leading technical support team has one focus: providing you with the best welding and cutting solutions for your specific needs.