Do you need to refine welding skills and practices and mobilize your welding workforce to produce more high-quality welds, saving your business more money and time in the process? Build on the skills of your professional welders by leveraging a wealth of professional welding expertise from an industry leader well-known for operating one of the most comprehensive and longest-running welding schools in the world. Gain more confidence in your welders with some of the most advanced, hands-on training available and boost your organization’s reputation as a true value-leader in the industry.


Webinars are great to help keep you informed and engaged with the latest product offerings from Lincoln Electric. We understand your need to keep up to date with our comprehensive range of products and capabilities. We can provide webinars as a free service to you, our valued customers and partners, so we can help keep you informed of our latest product offerings and their features. We can customise virtually any aspect of the webinar to suit your needs.