Finding welders with the right mix of experience and talent isn’t always easy – especially considering the level of skill required to master a complicated weld, and doing so in all different kinds of environments, using a variety of different welding processes, equipment and materials. Fortunately, Lincoln Electric, with more than 100 years of experience training and equipping welders with the skills and tools they need to perform at their best, has the knowledge and capacity to design customised programs built around you and your worker’s needs. Address deficiencies head-on and benefit from our expert welding instructors who can specify the hands-on training you need to execute any welding job with a higher level of competence and confidence.

Training Benefits: Design specialised courses built around your organisation’s specific production needs and processes and practice welds unique to your organisation’s objectives and specifications. Enhance technical skills and abilities, gain more control and confidence and enhance the ability to execute high-quality welds and improve quality, production and overall welding costs.