Circulator Fume Extraction

The Circulator™ is a free-standing general filtration system that reduces the overall concentration of welding fume through continuous filtration and airflow. This fume extraction machine has been designed exclusively for extracting and filtering welding fume which is released during the most common welding fabrication processes. The system supplements the natural ventilation (draft) and/or forced ventilation (roof / wall fans) which may be present to reduce the overall concentration of welding fume in the workshop.

Controlling welding fumes in a welding workshop significantly contributes to a better work environment. Simply by keeping the background concentration of welding fumes as low as possible. This can be realised by using the right welding processes and by using a high-quality welding fume extraction and filtration system that prevents the accumulation of welding fumes in your workshop. As a specialist in air cleaning technology, Lincoln Electric offers various solutions to control welding fumes in the metalworking industry, like source extraction, extraction hoods and general ventilation and filtration systems. All designed to remove and control welding fumes as best as possible.

Fume extraction

How does it work:

  • The blue haze of welding fumes, caused by the risen fumes that concentrate between four and six metres above the floor, is continuously mixed with clean air injected by nozzles.
  • You and your personnel immediately see that the blue haze disappears.
  • The injection of clean air is done by filtered air from the workshop, completely adaptable in volume and direction to your situation.
  • The background concentration is kept under control by continuously cleaning workshop air.
  • Whist the fume extraction is underway, the filter is cleaned automatically and residue is collected in a dustbin
  • The fan speed is controlled and adaptable to need by a frequency inverter. This saves energy, expands filter life and ensures a constant and reliable performance.

The Circulator™ fume extraction can be the right solution:

  • When overhead cranes are in use (push-pull systems have obstructive ductwork);
  • In facilities where ductwork cannot be hung;
  • To supplement source extraction in areas where it is currently employed and in areas with outside interferences such as overhead fans, current HVAC, etc.; and
  • When the weldments are too large to be fully covered by extraction arms.


  • Cleaner work environment: Reduce dust and dirt in operator and surrounding work areas
  • Low cost installation: No ductwork required
  • Custom engineered to meet facility and application requirements
  • Easy installation: Position the unit on the floor, a platform or a mezzanine
  • Low noise level: Will not contribute to increased noise levels