Lincoln Electric's Solution to Robotic Structural Steel Cutting Introducing the PythonX

PythonX Structural has created a NEW STANDARD in the way you think about running a fabrication shop.

Compared to traditional machines, PythonX Structural:

  • Uses a fraction of floorspace
  • Needs only minutes of processing time
  • Requires Only One Operator & No Programming

Beam cutting

The PythonX Structural is the robotic CNC plasma cutting system that has helped revolutionize structural steel fabrication. Our machines are manufactured to the highest quality standards, giving you a powerful tool to expand your operation. The PythonX Structural machine is a complete solution that automate your processing operations in your fabrication shop while providing you with increased productivity, unmatched cut quality, and predictable and consistent throughput. In addition, our signature simplicity of operation gives you the confidence to implement a new machine and start seeing a return on your investment immediately.


This Beam line cutter not only cuts beams, but cuts time, floorspace, and manual handling in every possible step of the process when compared to other machines in its class. The PythonX says goodbye to monotonous stages of a project by having to interpret drawings, laying out pieces and then performing copes as well as having to make cuts manually. The efficiency of this machine is second to none as it can fully fabricate a beam in a boastful time of just over 4 minutes. The same beam performed through manual fabrication can be done competently almost a staggering 2 hours slower. There is no doubt the PythonX Structural is the machine to beat when it comes to automated beam cutting.

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