Realweld Weld training solutions

Stick, MIG, FCAW

High School, Technical College, Engineering or Industrial Training Centers

Product number
K4344-4 (Base model CE)
K4344-5 (One-pak® CE)

Welding Trainer

Develop higher levels of control and confidence with the REALWELD® welding trainer giving welders from across the industry the opportunity to practice and refine key welding skills in a controlled environment. REALWELD® is the most versatile welding trainer available. It supports instructors so they can teach and reinforce welding techniques in a highly interactive and supervised platform with audio coaching and welding performance tracking

on five key parameters. With features that include: Objective skills-based welder evaluation, train welders faster and more efficiently, enhance and supplement welding training, attract and engage next generation of welders, save money on base material, electricity, consumables, waste and supports pre-employment recruiting and weld screening.

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