Engineered Fume Solutions

Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored

Maintenance departments, general fabrication and welding job shops, weld schools and industrial welding environments

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Push/Pull Environmental system at Elgin Sweeper

High Vacuum Central Systems for welding, cutting and grinding these systems are a cost effective choice. They use a central turbine and filter, and supply suction throughout the plant. Since the airflow is one-tenth the volume of low vacuum systems, and the vacuum pressures are ten times higher, these systems use smaller ductwork and less CFM. Header ducts are frequently one size through the whole system. Low Vacuum Central Systems low vacuum exhaust systems for source capture applications ideal for schools and industry. They are an ideal solution to address welding fume removal in educational environments and manufacturing plants that require multiple station drops. Systems can include arms, hoods, and downdraft tables, all operated from one central fan and filter.

Fume and metal particulate from metalworking operations such as welding, plasma cutting, arc gouging and grinding can build-up as a layer in the air of a facility. Eventually, the particulate may settle back to the floor. Lincoln Electric Automation’s Push/Pull System can remove this layer in a controlled manner, filter it and circulate the filtered air back into the facility.
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The Circulator™ System is a smart solution for welding safety, workplace cleanliness and an overall positive manufacturing work environment. It is designed to improve indoor air quality in smaller shops or work areas. The system handles this task by continuously moving cleaner, filtered air into the facility, preventing the formation of a welding fume layer in the ceiling and/or rafters.