Think Safety in All Locations Miniflex

Stick (Light Duty), TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored (Light Duty)

Product Numbers
603001720 – MINIFLEX.
7603101700 – New: MINIFLEX®-I W3 – Version for fume extraction of Stainless Steel welding

Potable Fume

Packed with features:
• Five-stage Filtration System – Delivers higher filtration efficiency. Final stage includes a HEPA H12 Class filter.
• Generously Sized Main Filter – Large surface area 12m2 extends filter’s useable life.
• Activated Carbon Filter (optional) – Reduces the recirculation of odors into the environment.
• Current Sensor – Allows convenient automatic start/stop capability by sensing welding current.
• Dual 1KW Motors – Provide strong airflow and welding fume extraction.
• Multiple Extraction Settings – Choose 160m3 /h (Low) or 230m3 /h (High).
• Quiet Operation – Sound level < 70 dB(A).
• Highly Portable – Standard wheels, handle and lightweight make the Miniflex® easy to roll around the shop


We have your portable fume needs covered with the Miniflex portable system is designed for the light-duty extraction and filtration of welding fume. Perfect choice for small shops or companies with few welding stations, yet lightweight and small enough to be easily carried to the welding area. Includes: Hepa filter, prefilter, auto stop/start, wheels, 2.5m fume extraction hose.

MINIFLEX®-I W3: Version for fume extraction of Stainless Steel welding.
The IFA-W3 certified portable welding fume extractor PHV-I version is additionally provided with a filter pollution indicator and sound signal.




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