LINC GUN FX Fume Extraction Torches

Product Number:
EM61000326 – Fume Gun LGFX4R (Air Cooled)
EM61000333 – Fume Gun LGFX5W (Water Cooled)

LINC GUN FX torches are extraction tools offering high engineering quality for MIG-MAG welding. They use the indirect capture technique which ensures very high efficiency without altering the quality of the weld bead. We offer a complete range from 225 to 410 A with water or air cooling. The developments of the LGFX torch combined with our ergonomic booms mean that our products offer very high maneuverability and accessibility to the different points of the part to weld.

Fume Gun

Key Features:

• Large capture sphere, efficiency percentage close to 80%.
• Fixed fume collector.
• Tellurium-copper (Cu Te) screw-in nozzle – Ø 12, 15 or 19 mm.
• Rotating steel fitting at the handle outlet for greater manoeuvrability.
• Manual air flow adjustment valve.
• Single-section (Ø 40 mm) bundle or double section (40/50) depending on the model.
• Protective leather sleeve on the bundle – length 1.5 m.
• Connection diameter on 50 mm hose.
• Dual Flow version for modulating the torch extraction rate depending on the type of part to weld.
• LN version (gooseneck, 50 mm longer) for specific parts to weld and complex access.

Wearing parts according to European standard:

• Contact tip, M8 x 30*
• Contact tip support, M8
• Ceramic diffuser insulator
• Wire guide sleeve

Fume gun

Water cooled torch

Benefits of multiple-conductor water/electricity bundle: The copper braid that conducts power is continuously cooled by the water in the torch cooling circuit, which allows the use of a smaller cable section for the same power. That reduces weight and makes the torch bundle more flexible, and therefore more maneuverable.