PIPEFAB Welding System

STT® – Better than ever
Our Patented STT® (Surface Tension Transfer®) process was the original open-root MIG (Modified short-Circuit) Solution to hit the market. After Decades of leading the industry, we’ve taken the performance of this iconic process to the next level – making it better than ever.

– Breakthrough travel speeds.
– Industry-leading arc stability.
– No sense lead

Smart Pulse™ – Pulse Tailored For Pipe
Smart pulse delivers an innovative solution for pulse welding simplicity and performance. Utilizing waveform control technology®, Smart pulse™ monitors your machine settings and automatically tailors the pulse to deliver the ideal arc for your pipe welding needs.

– Set a low WFS for out of position pipe welding – Smart Pulse™ auto-adjusts for a narrow, focused arc.
– Set a high WFS for 1G pipe welding – Smart Pulse™ auto adjusts for a wide, soft arc.
– Less time adjusting means more time welding.

Multi process welder

Fine-Tuned Performance For Pipe & Vessel.

Processes Optimised For Your Needs!

The PIPEFAB™ system comes fully loaded with weld modes optimised specifically for pipe and vessel fabrication. All processes – Stick, MIG, TIG and FCAW – have been fine-tuned for maximum performance with the industry’s common, filler metal, wire diameters and gas mixtures.

– Stick modes optimised for cellulosic and low hydrogen electrodes.
– MIG modes optimised for 0.9mm and 1.2mm steel, stainless steel and metal-cored
– MIG modes optimised for simplicity (Smart Pulse™) and fume management (Low Fume pulse™)
– Flux-cored modes optimised for 1.2mm and 1.6mm.

Multi-process welder