Robotic On-Torch Fume Extraction Linc Extractor

The colour and touch HMI interface controls the working of the Linc Extractor in several languages and offers a high choice of uses and customisation to suit your needs.

Simply attach the on-torch fume extractor to your robotic torch to capture fume at the source. Easily control the SCFM on the front of the unit based on your needs to optimize fume extraction without disturbing the shielding gas. This product pairing creates a cost effective, easy-to-use fume system.

• High Vacuum – high local pressure where low volumes of air are being extracted.
• Source Capture – capture fume at the source without interrupting the shielding gases
• Energy Efficient – uses a lower airflow compared to robotic hoods
• Simple to Install – kit includes the tools and parts you need for simple set-up
• Versatile – use with both air and water-cooled torches

Operating is controlled by a PLC and a frequency variation. Possibility of integration with Cobot or Robot.

Offers welder protection while ensuring productivity and high adaptability to your needs.
The mobile Linc Extractor unit is particularly designed to collect welding fumes by means of a fume
extraction torch with a variable flow, during MIG/MAG or TIG welding.
Further, the fume filter cartridge with an automatic unclogging facility, both of which are supplied as standard, keep the extraction efficient over time.

Main Technical Characteristics:
• Automatic/ Manual control. For Automatic integration with Robots/Cobots.
• Automatic self-cleaning and by manual impulse
• Compatibility with MIG and TIG fume extraction torches (1 robotic Guns, 2 manual guns)
• Management by frequency converter and programmable logic controller
• 4.3″ color HMI control screen
• No-load flow 310 M³/h under 30,000 Pa maximum
• Turbine 3 kW – 400 V – 3 Ph – 50 Hz
• W3 filter – High efficiency

X Tractor 4

Welding Fume Extractor

The self contained X-Tractor® weld fume extraction units are specifically designed for the removal and filtration of welding fume. These high vacuum; low volume systems are engineered to provide suction for multiple nozzles and fume guns and feature an integrated automatic self-cleaning filter system. They are ideally suited for continuous use in heavy duty welding applications.

  • Compact Design – For easy installation in narrow spaces.
  • Filter Cleaning System – Integrated automatic filter cleaning.
  • Rugged Design – For industrial use and impact resistance.
  • Clean Work Environment – Removing welding fumes at the source.
  • Low Maintenance: Quick disassembly for cleaning and maintenance.


  • For 1 to 4 operators simultaneously
  • Supply suction for up to 4 fume guns or 3 suction heads
  • Integrated automatic filter cleaning
  • Automatic operation capability – Using wire feeder trigger signal
  • Rugged design – For industrial use and impact resistance
  • Monitoring of vacuum levels and automatic unclogging of the filter cartridge.
  • Dust recovery container
  • Automatic starting of extraction, controlled by the electric arc or by an external contact.
  • High airflow that is adjustable and stable over time, thanks to the speed variator which makes up for filter cartridge fouling.
  • Simple installation, mobile unit and compact design.
  • Minimum maintenance


400V 50HZ 3 Phase
Fuste 400V 19.1
Effect 5.5
Airflow (Max) 500
Airflow (Inlet) 400
Static Pressure (Max) 23,560
Static Pressure (Inlet) 8000
Filter Area 5
Filter Class M
Filtration Degree (Particles > 1µ) >99.9
Compressed Air Supply 4
Inlet / Outlet Diameter Ø100/Ø80
Sound Level (SPL) (1m) <73
Dust Bin 25
Weight 110
L x W x H 1400 x 710 x 840

Robotic On-Torch Fume Extraction

Recommended Applications
• Low cost alternative that collects the majority of welding fume
• Some exotic materials may require redundant fume extraction where On-Torch can be paired with a fume hood
• For robots that require crane access to load the parts and would interfere with a fume hood

On torch fume extraction works together with: Linc- Extractor or X-Tractor 4/X-Tractor-6 (see above)

Robotic on torch fume attachment.
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