Hyperfill® Fab-Pak® Robotic Welding System

The Hyperfill® Fab-Pak® Robotic Welding System is built to maximise deposition rates and is ideal for a manufacturing operation that handles heavy-sized parts and needs strong, uncompromising welds. With a twin-wire torch that delivers a wider, smoother arc cone, it’s possible to obtain higher levels of quality, consistency and safety with this pre-engineered robotic welding system. Redefining high deposition welding with a twin-wire design, the hyperfill fab-pak robotic welding solution allows for deposition rates of 24 lbs/hr (18 lbs/hr semiautomatic) for maximum productivity. Low system complexity – complete robotic welding cell powered by a single power source. Fed through a single wire feeder and a single contact tip. Improved weld quality – stable arc for large weld puddles. Maximise productivity – increase deposition rates over single wire robotic applications

Fab Pak Hyperfill


Maximises deposition rates and productivity, ideal for welding medium- to large-sized parts. Minimal installation and low system complexity, better consistency compared to manual hyperfill applications. Improves weld strength, quality and safety and comes shipped completely assembled.

Examples of manufactured parts:

Heavy tooling and manufacturing parts, large transportation parts, agricultural machines and tools.