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Robotic Welding automation

As technology marches on, so does the challenge to speed up production and boost efficiencies. To remain competitive, manufacturers need to align their processes with the latest advancements available. Our state-of-the-art industrial robotics have been game changing for so many manufacturers that have looked to move their business’ forward through welding automation. The Fab-Pak® line of robotic welding systems from Lincoln Electric Automation® deliver the flexibility and ability you need to increase productivity, quality and control, no matter what stage of your welding process needs improvement.

Benefits: Ideal for welding small to medium-sized parts that do not require rotation or repositioning, minimal installation, improves productivity, quality and safety and comes shipped completely assembled! Examples of manufactured parts: Enclosures and boxes, such as electrical panels, heavy machinery such as sub-assemblies, trailer hitches, food service equipment, small brackets, handrails and is also perfect education institutions

FAB-PACK (Back to Back)

The Fab-Pak™ FHS Back to Back is a cost-effective standard robotic welding cell that can weld medium- to large-sized parts that need reorientation to axis all welds. It’s a dual zone back-to-back configuration. The pre-engineered system can accommodate a wide range of low to medium volume components in high changeover applications. It is an ideal solution for applications that require the flexibility of part positioning. The Fab-Pak FHS can adapt to a variety of tool lengths and part widths.

What’s Included:
» Power Wave® power source
» AutoDrive® wire feeder
» Magnum® PRO robotic torch
» Headstock/tailstock positioner
» Welding robot
» Robot basic software package
» Wire mesh panels with weld curtains
» Push button control
» Training (3 days)

Robotic Welding