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Custom Robotic Welding Solutions:
It’s what we do BETTER than anyone else.

Lincoln Electrics automation expert’s leverage years of advanced welding design, development, and programming knowledge. We’re unmatched in creating custom welding automation solutions for general industry customers in product manufacturing.

We have taken modern welding automation to the next level with features such as automatic welding programming, collision avoidance, robotic vision, and adaptive welding. We thrive when solving complex welding automation challenges.

Welding Expertise

When it comes to custom welding robot systems, there is very little we haven’t seen or done. We provide automation solutions for general industry. Our customers’ are leaders in construction, energy, agriculture, transportation, shipbuilding, oil & gas, aerospace and offshore. Let us know what you’re looking for and we would be happy to provide you with specific examples.


Never before has the field of robotic welding reached this level of efficiency, productivity and quality. At Lincoln Electric Automation™, we are leading the engineering forefront of welding robots. We have engineered newer, more advanced and more affordable robotic systems to support manufacturers of all sizes – from the small shop owner to heavy fabrication and automotive manufacturers. Automated welding systems can help you speed up production, reduce labor costs, improve weld integrity and consistency and reduce downtime. It used to be that the application of robotic welding only made sound financial sense for high-volume production processes. That is not the case today.

Recent adaptation in robotic welding technology has made automation a real no-brainer, helping operations of all sizes and spectrums manage through an increasingly volatile and competitive manufacturing climate. At Lincoln Electric Automation®, we engineer some of the most versatile automated welding robots & systems available on the market today. This technology empowers manufacturers to make the parts they need faster and more efficiently, yielding the highest rates of product quality and reliability.