Why Choose Lincoln for your Welding Automation?

Lincoln Electric have been manufacturing welding robots in Australia since 1989. It is this experience & expertise which cannot be bought, that has kept us at the forefront of the automation and welding robots sectors for so many years. Never before has the field of welding automation reached this level of efficiency, productivity and quality. At Lincoln Electric Automation™, we are leading the engineering forefront of robotic welding. We have engineered newer, more advanced and more affordable robotic systems to support manufacturers of all sizes – from the small shop owner to heavy fabrication and automotive manufacturers. Automated welding systems can help you speed up production, reduce labor costs, improve weld integrity and consistency, and reduce downtime. Welding robot systems engineered to meet the challenges of the general manufacturing, heavy fabrication and automotive industries.

Fab-Pak® offers better control, greater quality and enhanced productivity. As technology marches on, so does the challenge to speed up production and boost efficiencies. To remain competitive, manufacturers need to align their processes with the latest advancements available. The Fab-Pak® line of robotic welding cells from Lincoln Electric Automation® deliver the flexibility and ability you need to increase productivity, quality and control, no matter what stage of your welding process needs improvement.