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The one thing that Orbital Welding applications have in common is that they’re mission critical. Whether the work at hand involves cross-country transmission pipelines, process piping, or similar applications, orbital welds need to meet exceptionally high standards. Count on meeting and exceeding those standards with an Orbital Welding system from the one company that brings more than 100 years of welding experience and expertise to the table.

The mechanized HELIX® welding systems sets up quickly and delivers precise calculation and control of travel time, weld distance, weld speed and other essential variables. The system is driven by Lincoln Electric’s APEX® Mechanized Controller. Each system power supply is interchangeable with an ArcLink® -enabled third-generation Lincoln Electric Power Wave® machine. With our Orbital Welding System, we offer 3 unique heads depending on your project at hand.

Robotic Orbital Welding

1. Mechanized Helix M85

The HELIX® M85 is the first next-generation orbital welding head. It incorporates digital capabilities in an intuitive ergonomic design, bringing the hyphenate: best-in-class for all of your orbital and plate welding needs from GMAW and FCAW to GTAW and Hot Wire Laser. With a light weight, compact and durable design, the M85 weld head’s low axial clearance enables welding close to flanges and other obstructions near the joint. An inclinometer is included in its mechanics and major upgrades can be accomplished with limited technical capability due to the digital nature of the weld head.

The mechanized APEX® 3 Series welding system sets up quickly and delivers precision calculation and control of travel time, weld distance, weld speed and other essential variables. The HELIX M85 weld head, a central component of this system, provides consistent, high quality results with little or no time wasted on setup or rework.

Robotic orbital welding

2. Helix M45

The HELIX M45 weld head is designed on the Power Wave® platform for advanced / multi-process capabilities. It embodies all of the same features, functions and ruggedness of the HELIX M85, but in a low-profile package.

– With a low radial clearance of 4.5 in. (114 mm), the HELIX M45 weld head allows for digitally controlled, precision welding in areas of limited space and physical constraints
– The lower profile weld head was designed so it can be quickly set up as far as five inches (127 mm) from the weld joint without affecting oscillation, offering greater flexibility
– Designed on the Power Wave platform for advanced, multi-process capabilities, this device also features a pivoting torch height assembly which provides perpendicular height control to the puddle face
– Optional on-board wire feeders are also available for GMAW / FCAW and GTAW welding applications
– Multiple toolless torch adjustment options, giving greater control of the weld puddle for more complex welds

Robotic Orbital Welding

3. Helix M627

The HELIX M627 is smallest of the next innovation in our mechanized HELIX M Series orbital weld heads. With a low radial clearance of 2.87 in. (72.9 mm), the HELIX M627 weld head allows for precise, digitally controlled welding in wide range of pipe and tube GTAW applications. With complete process control and operator-friendly design, the HELIX M627 delivers the markets leading solution for easily obtaining the expanded productivity and quality of mechanized GTAW.

– INTELLIGENT CONTROL Latest digital motor control allows for zero calibration during setup Precise travel speed and true oscillation width/speed control delivers repeatable welds with minimal setup.
– VERSATILE DESIGN Low radial clearance – 2.87 in (68.5mm) Versatile clamping mechanism allows the weld head to be disengaged and repositioned with on easy motion
– THE COMPLETE PACKAGE The HELIX M627 comes complete and ready to weld right out of the box.

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Robotic Orbital Welding