Welding Seamer

A longitudinal welding seamer for the welding of longitudinal seams in both flat plate and rolled shells: the equipment is designed and configured specifically for the PLASMA, TIG, P+T and MIG/MAG welding processes.

Thanks to its design, a Lincoln Electric seamer bench ensures excellent holding of sheets and precise movement of the welding torch in respect to the joint.

The technical characteristics of our benches guarantee results of a quality rarely obtained in welding. The jaws are independent and their multiplicity ensures excellent holding of sheets.

The high pressure applied by the jaws dispenses with eventual sheet flatness faults. These jaws are exclusively made out of stainless steel, which will guarantee a quality thermal contact stable throughout the welding operation.


Robotic Seam Welder

The separation of the jaw lines is quickly adjustable by movement of 2 top beams in front of graduated rules to suit the plate thickness.

The bench is made out of solid welded construction and the top beam geometry offers excellent visibility of the weld scene.

Used since more than 30 years, our seamers are, according the application (materials & welding process) equipped with a back shielding gas device and with specific backing bars adapted to the welding process.

The welding seamer bench allows automatic welding of plates and of rounded sheets from the inside or outside.

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Robotic Seam Welder