Lincoln Electrics Magnetic Portable Welding Carriage

Application: General Industry

Welding Options:

  • Magnetic Railway
  • Double torch holder
  • Tilting torch holder
  • Linear oscillator
  • Pendular oscillator
  • Arc protection
  • Aluminum wheels

Lincoln Electric is offering you a welding assistant in the form our Weldycar. It is a magnetic portable welding carriage that is light, robust and easy to use. With a vast range of welding positions and diverse applications able to be used across various industries, it is no surprise that productivity levels increase with a Weldycar on site. With innovative thinking, Lincoln Electric have utilized a magnetic railway guiding system eliminates the need to continuously adjust the carriage whilst it’s working. At just 12kg, setting one up is far from strenuous considering the muscle it’s able to offer. Dependent on the job, the Weldycar may not even need a programming device, which further adds to its user friendly attributes. There is absolutely no-one that the Weldycar wouldn’t be able able to benefit in this industry.

As high quality welders become more and more scarce in the manufacturing industry due to the slow takeover of robotic automation, the expectations around efficiency and productivity are always in question. However, the Weldycar in the arsenal of great welder will only exceed those expectations. This efficient and reliable carriage system is one of the latest additions to Lincoln Electrics Weldy family.