Fumes Don't Stand A Chance X-Tractor 1 Fume Gun

Product Number:
K652-2 X-Tractor 1 Fume Gun, 230V

» Maximum extraction distance of 33 ft. (10 m)

Portable Fume

The Lincoln Electric X-Tractor 1 Fume Gun is a high vacuum extraction system designed for the removal and filtration of welding fume. This unit is a great choice for fume removal in light to medium duty welding applications typically found in shops or companies with a small number of welding stations. The compact size and light weight of the X-Tractor 1 Fume Gun makes the unit easy to move to where it’s needed.

The X-Tractor 1 Fume Gun is lightweight and portable at only 37 lbs. (17 kg) and can easily be carried anywhere. This unit is perfect for light duty, intermittent use such as maintenance and construction applications. Two powerful motors, combined 1.9 kW ensures effective extraction with an vacuum on -19 000 Pa. The two motors enables this unit to be run at two speeds, which extracts respectively 110 or 220 m3/h.

Key Features:

• Simple to Configure
• Filter Cleaning System
• Automatic Start/Stop Sensor
• Wide Variety Of Extraction Nozzles Available
• Low Noise Operation
• 1-Year Warranty



Filtration Process

The X-Tractor 1 Fume Gun has a unique internal manual cleaning system. Using a customer supplied compressed air source and manual rotation, the internal rotary air jet device supplies a burst of air from inside the filter cartridges. This in turn causes the particulate that has collected on the outside of the filter cartridge to drop into the bottom of the unit. The cover where the flex hose inlet is located is then removed and the particulate can be disposed of by following federal, state, and local environmental regulations

Cable Sensor

The X-Tractor 1 Fume Gun comes with a built-in automatic start/stop sensor for reduced energy consumption and non-continuous operating noise. To take advantage of this feature, the welding power source’s work cable or power cable must be laid in the sensor hook. When the welding arc starts, the current flowing through the cable creates a magnetic field. The current sensor mounted in the X-Tractor 1 Fume Gun behind the loop will sense this field and turn on the machine. Approximately 10 seconds after the welding arc is extinguished, the unit will switch off.

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Fume Extraction