Zeman Welding & Solutions

Take advantage of 55 years experience in the structural steel and mechanical engineering sector. Zeman offers an almost unique combination in comprehensive understanding of all demands and working procedures in the field of structural steel workshops.

With our steel beam assemblers, we bring automation to structural steel fabrication shops. We have machines to weld and assemble, to scan and sort plates, to move plates autonomously through factories from one station to another using the state-of-the-art robots and machine vision technology.

Our robotic assembling and welding lines “SBA Compact, “SBA SR Compact” and “SBA Conti” will boost your production capacity without a doubt. In addition, we offer a wide range of variations and can also develop custom solutions for your individual needs. Get in touch with our team here at Lincoln Electric.

SBA SR Compact Single rail entry-level model.

The Single Rail Revolution: Economic and efficient entry level tacking and welding machine.

Easy integration: This machine can become a part of your existing workflow with ease.

Design: This design compacts the major functions of the machine onto one rail; saving space.

Investment: The machines don’t stray from perfection or get tired. Avoid mistakes that lead to job delays and injuries

Welding Robot

SBA Compact Compact, Full-featured Assembler

Optimized for assembly, the SBA Compact consists of 1 robot for assembly, tack and finish welding. In-out feed of beams requires a crane, and the machine fits within a length of just 26 meters.


  • This machine can easily be transitioned into your existing workflow and is available in an upgradable Compact+ model as well for an additional robot
  • Automated infeed and inloading devices reduce the side-time handling of beams substantially

Beam Solutions

SBA Conti Maximum automation, high volume.

Power & Precision: With just one worker on the floor, this machine can process 13 beams in an 8 hour shift.

Design: Each SBA Conti line is customised to your specific needs. In-feed systems with automatic beam straightening and built to fit your workflow.

Upgrade: SBA Conti’s design consists of only one handling robot. To further increase the output, up to 4 additional welding robots can be added.

Beam Solutions
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