Introducing the Acecut Laser Pro Achieve exceptional quality with our advanced laser cutting technology.

Based on years of experience on cutting machinery, Lincoln Electric Design laser cutting machine – ACECUT PRO series, high efficiency and precision.

Safety and reliability are two features of ACECUT PRO series. We use advanced laser system and control technology to ensure that each cutting process is precise and stable. Meanwhile, taking into account all possible accidents, carefully-engineered safety is put in place to avoid any possible hazard to the maximum extent.

Empowered by advanced laser cutting technology, ACECUT PRO is able to complete a large quantity of cutting tasks in a short period of time, increasing productivity. Furthermore, a high-precision control system and a high-quality cutting head are used to ensure quality cutting every time.

Laser cutting machine


– High productivity when cutting is done in the front worktable while loading & unloading is done in the rear one.
– Multiple safety devices .
– High-precision machining.
– 12-hour annealing at 600 degrees Celsius for stress relief.
– Robust cutting bed.

Laser Cutter


  • HMI: Friendly user interface with Industrial screen and control panel.
  • CE Glass: High standard safety protection
  • High Precision Rail Rack: Driven by gear and rack, high accuracy and high performance is guaranteed.
  • Cutting Head Protection: Air circulation and cleaning of cutting head to extend service life of lens.
  • Automatic Nozzle Cleaning: Maintain cut quality and increase service life of cutting nozzle.
  • Internal & External Camera: Internal camera to monitor cutting operations and external camera to monitor steel plate movement.
  • Shuttle Table: Automatic loading/unloading of steel plates for higher productivity and efficiency.