Respiratory Performance, Versatility & 4C Optics VIKING™ 3350 XG PAPR (With Grinder Button)

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The VIKING™ 3350 XG PAPR features a smart blower system, a low profile external button to switch between weld / grind mode and an extra large 12.5 sq. inch auto-darkening lens with our exclusive 4C® Lens technology.

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4C Lens Technology

Lincoln Electric’s proprietary liquid crystal display (LCD) enhances the visible color spectrum of the display. Unlike traditional auto-darkening filters, 4C lens technology broadens the color range and hues which can be seen in both light and dark states. This eliminates visual imperfections and color saturation to create the clearest view of the base material, arc and puddle, while reducing eye strain.


Key Features:

• 4C Lens Technology
• Extra large auto-darkening lense.
• Directional air flow control
• Low profile external grinder button.
• Multi-component filter system
• Superior battery life
• Simple, smart respitory system.


Product Number

When choosing a PAPR for a fabrication environment, its blower design, field of view and optic quality are 3 important variables to consider. The VIKING 3250D FGS Powered Air Purifying Respirator features a smart blower system, integrated grind shield and side windows and a extra large 75mm x 108mm auto-darkening lens with our exclusive 4C® Lens technology

Personal Fume Control

Key Features

• 4C® Lens technology provides an unparalleled view of the arc, puddle and base material while reducing eye strain
• Perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity eliminates distortion and blurriness while maintaining shade consistency and improving angle performance
• 75mm x 108mm auto-darkening display offers a widescreen process view to broaden field of view and enhance operator control
• Shade 5 side windows increases peripheral vision in the closed helmet position


• Flame retardant head covering provides protection from spatter and improves comfort
• Large integrated grinding shield protects operators from impacts while providing a clear viewing area for grinding and material inspection
• Anti-fog coating helps maintain a consistently clear view
• 4 Axis headgear provides multi-directional adjustments to evenly distribute weight and improve comfort.